Otto I the Great

Otto I the Great
   King of Germany (q.v.) from 936 until 962, the year he was crowned western emperor by Pope (qq.v.) John XII. By that time Otto's troops had control of much of Italy (q.v.), and had attacked Byzantine Bari (q.v.). Several centuries later, the coronation would be seen as the foundation of the Holy Roman Empire (962-1806), but to contemporaries it appeared as a revival of Charlemagne's (q.v.) empire and title. Nikephoros II Phokas (q.v.) demanded that Otto I renounce the title. Otto responded by sending Liutprand of Cremona to Constantinople (qq.v.) in 968 to negotiate. The embassy failed, and the problem was left for John I Tziemiskes (q.v.) to resolve in 972, with the betrothal of princess Theophano to Otto II (qq.v.).

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